Mary Lou McDonald

Friends of Sinn Féin USA

Friends of Sinn Féin was established in 1995 to provide an effective and efficient way for people in America to help Sinn Féin consolidate the peace process and achieve our aim of an independent, united Ireland.

Friends of Sinn Féin organises fundraising events and conferences, provides speakers to meetings, colleges and conventions and distributes information on the current political situation in Ireland.

Recent News

Richard Neal Lifford/Strabane Visit

United States Congressman Richard Neal (D-Massachusetts) visited the Lifford/Strabane border Wednesday, October 17th. He met with local elected representatives,... view more

James Connolly Irish American Labor Coalition Event

The James Connolly  Irish American Labor Coalition held a lunch in New York on Friday September 14th to promote the McGuinness Principles of Equality,... view more