Friends of Sinn Féin (USA) is registered with the U.S. Department of Justice. We are the agent in the United States for Sinn Féin, Ireland's oldest political party (www.sinnfein.ie). Additional information is on file with the Department of Justice, Washington, DC.

Through FOSF USA people in the United States can support Sinn Féin, the Irish peace process and the efforts to bring about a united and free Ireland.

FOSF USA is not a membership organization, but provides public forums for Sinn Féin to present their views throughout the United States. Such events are planned and scheduled for Sinn Féin leadership figures visiting the U.S., according to their availability.

Sinn Féin’s representative to the United States, Rita O’Hare, regularly briefs U.S. politicians, the media, and Irish America on the peace process.

FOSF USA welcomes all donations, which it accepts and accounts for as the agent for Sinn Féin.

FOSF USA is an efficient and effective channel through which people in the U.S. can support Sinn Féin and its efforts for peace with justice in a united Ireland.

Friends of Sinn Féin (USA)
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New York, NY 10170
+1 212-297-6107

About Sinn Féin - www.sinnfein.ie

Sinn Féin is an Irish political party founded in 1902 at a time of a growing desire for freedom. The three great  movements of the time, the National Movement, the Women's Movement and the Labor Movement, were coming together in the common cause of Irish independence.

It was a time of revolution and change in Ireland which would later be spelt out in the words of the 1916 proclamation and in the democratic program of the First Dáil Éireann.

Sinn Féin is an Irish republican party. We stand for Irish re-unification, an end to the partition of our country. Sinn Féin is the only party working to achieve Irish unity.

Sinn Féin led the Irish Peace Process which ended 30 years of conflict and was central to the negotiation of the Good Friday Agreement.