Read or download Sinn Féin's Brexit document - Securing designated Special Status for the north within the EU

In June 2016, the people of the North of Ireland – nationalist and unionist and others – voted to remain within the European Union. They did so despite very many having legitimate concerns regarding the EU.

It is incomprehensible to have one part of Ireland operating within the EU and another outside it. However, the British Conservative Government insists that it will impose Brexit on the North of Ireland against the democratic wishes of the majority of people living there. This has highlighted the fundamentally undemocratic nature of the Union and partition.

The Brexit referendum result has swept away many of the previous political assumptions about the constitutional, political and economic status quo in Ireland. Ireland’s political landscape, North and South, has been transformed dramatically.

Massive uncertainties have been triggered about the implications for business, trade, jobs, social protections, educational opportunities, and future political and economic stability. This poses huge challenges for Irish national interests.

For English and Welsh votes to drag the North of Ireland out of the EU against the will of its people would, like partition itself, be yet another travesty of democracy and would undermine the Good Friday Agreement.