Irish Unity In Our Time

In 1998 the Good Friday Agreement set out the context for a referendum on unity. The Agreement asserts that it is for the people of the island of Ireland alone to shape our future and to exercise our right of self-determination on the “basis of consent, freely and concurrently given, North and South”.

This democratic and peaceful mechanism to achieve Irish Unity is a game changer which was not available to previous generations. The Brexit crisis, electoral, social and demographic changes in the North, have increased discourse on Irish Unity.

A new and united Ireland must be a place for all, if you are Irish, British or both or neither. The Orange and British identity is important to a section of the community who share this island. It is therefore important to us all.

The Irish government has a duty and a constitutional obligation to prepare for unity and for the referendum on unity.This means the Irish government must:

  • Ensure the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, including the all-island institutions

  • Establish a Joint Oireachtas Committee on Irish Unity

  • Set up an all-island representative Citizens’ Assembly or appropriate forum to discuss and plan for Irish Unity

  • Publish a White Paper on Irish Unity

  • Secure a referendum, north and south, on Irish Unity as set out in the Good Friday Agreement.

A referendum on Irish Unity is achievable and winnable. It’s time to set a date for the referendum and to let the people have their say. Irish Unity is now a do-able project.

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