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2021 - The Rise and Rise of Sinn Féin

Sinn Féin is now the largest party across all of Ireland. The party jointly heads up the government in the North under the leadership of Sinn Féin deputy President Michelle O’Neill.

In the South, Sinn Féin is the largest party in the Dáil (Irish Parliament) and is making history. Mary Lou McDonald Sinn Féin President is the first woman in the history of the state to lead the official opposition.

Two common trends emerged in all polls throughout 2021. In the North Sinn Fein has maintained its position as the largest party. In the south, the party has extended its lead over the current Irish Government.

The test for the coming year will be to convert good poll results into solid support. In May 2022 there will be elections in the North, if Sinn Féin maintains their lead then Michelle O’Neill will become the First Minister and the first nonunionist to hold the position.

Next year will be the final year of Micheal Martin as Taoiseach. In an agreement made between his party Fianna Fail and Fine Gael following the election in January 2020, he will step down and be replaced by Leo Varadkar. So a new Taoiseach in an old government, appointed without an election.

Thanks to your ongoing support 2021 witnessed the continued growth of Sinn Féin and the cause of Irish Unity. We have much to do to consolidate this into votes and cannot take anything for granted.

The prize is a new and united Ireland. Sinn Féin's leading governments North and South would be a huge step in progressing Irish Unity.

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