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90 Days On and DUP Still Living in Denial of Election Result

Today the Assembly in the North of Ireland was reconvened at Stormont to elect a Speaker and install a government. A move backed by all parties except the Democratic Unionist Party who have continued to block a functioning Assembly and government.

Ninety days after the election, and in the middle of a cost of living crisis, the DUP continue to ignore the vote of the people to form a government. They claim to do so in protest at the Brexit Protocol negotiated and agreed upon between the EU and British Government. An agreement that is supported by the majority of parties in the Assembly.

The historic election in May overturned 100 years of precedent and, returned an Irish Republican (pro-Irish Unity) Sinn Féin First Minister (elect) Michelle O’Neill.

The DUP is living in denial of this result and the wishes of the vast majority of people. The only thing they achieve is additional hardship for people.

Speaking today Michelle O’Neill said,

“The DUP through their continued boycott of the Assembly and Executive, and their failure to accept the democratic outcome of the election are denying the public representation to which they are entitled and deserve.

“This is wholly unacceptable, untenable and cannot continue. Stop denying people the change they voted for and discharge your political responsibilities.

“I stand ready to work jointly with others and to lead an Executive to make politics work for everyone and to demonstrate that real change is possible.”

If the DUP continues to block the formation of government by October 24th a new election will be called.

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