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A Day of Firsts and Full Slates

Pro-Irish Unity Parties Outpoll Pro-British Unionist Parties

Parties that support Irish Unity have out-polled those who support partition. United Irelanders 40.6%, Unionists 38.1%, Others 15%, Independents 5.3%.

This has also been record-breaking election for Sinn Féin. The Party’s vote share is up in all electoral areas. In a series of firsts, Sinn Féin councilors have been elected in areas where there was no Sinn Féin councilor. Other councilors have topped the poll in areas where they struggled to get elected in the last election.

Full slates of candidates have been returned. In one area in West Belfast, all six Sinn Féin candidates were returned. Taking six out of seven seats. The pattern was replicated across the board.

Sinn Féin ran the highest number of candidates ever and could still have won additional seats. In Derry Sinn Féin are not only on the way to regaining lost ground but to becoming the largest party.

Sinn Féin is the largest party in the local Government by seats and votes share. A first for a non-unionist party since the foundation of the state. We have traveled far from when Sinn Féin was banned as a party, censored from the airways, and voting rights denied to many.

In the election, the people voted for Sinn Féin in record numbers for the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, for progress, and for a new and united Ireland.

Many thanks to supporters of Friends of Sinn Féin USA who made this possible.

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