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A Note from FOSF USA President Mark Guilfoyle

Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald, former Sinn Féin Representative to the US Rita O'Hare and Friends of Sinn Féin President Mark Guilfoyle.


The deepening Covid-19 crisis in Ireland and ongoing restrictions in the US have required us to postpone our November Fundraising Dinner in New York.

The November Dinner is one of the highlights of our year, the place where we see old friends, make new connections, enjoy drinks and a great meal, and discuss the urgent issues of the day.

The Dinner is also our main source of revenue for Friends of Sinn Féin. It allows us to support the work of Sinn Féin in the North of Ireland and our mission in the United States.

The human and economic cost of Covid-19 has been paid by communities here and in Ireland. It has thrown up many challenges to the work of Friends of Sinn Féin. Challenges that with your support, we have met.

Over the past year, Sinn Féin has surged to its best election results in modern times and Irish Unity is now center stage. In the US, political leaders have been swift and effective in challenging the British government's actions that threaten a hard border in Ireland. Friends of Sinn Féin’s online operation has grown considerably and supports Irish Unity. All of this has been achieved, in no small part, by your support.

Friends, we have much more to do and with your continued support we will achieve a new and United Ireland. As Gerry Adams said earlier this year, “you could be the first generation of Irish Americans that return to a United and Independent Ireland”.

While we won’t meet this year at the Dinner, I trust we can count on your support to keep our vital and historic work going.


Mark Guilfoyle President, Friends of Sinn Féin USA

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