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An Gorta Mór - Irish Great Hunger Museum to Close

An Gorta Mór – The Great Hunger continues to shape US and Irish society. It has taken 160 years for the population of Ireland to reach the pre-famine levels.

Those escaping a British Government policy that turned a potato blight into a famine made their way to the US.

Generations of those who took the coffin ships from Ireland, have built America.

It is fitting to remember and it is essential to learn from our past. It is part of who we are. Yet Quinnipiac University has announced the permanent closure of Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum ( Músaem An Ghorta Mhóir).

A committee to save the museum that includes many leading Irish Americans has written to the university seeking them to reverse their decision to close.

A Facebook group has been set up to save the museum. (1) Save Ireland's Great Hunger Museum | Facebook

Supporters also include the Plymouth Massachusetts division of the AOH

We hope that this decision will reconsider and the collection remains intact for future generations

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