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Ballymurphy Massacre - Fifty Years Waiting for Truth

The British Army shot dead 10 civilians in the Ballymurphy neighborhood of Belfast between the 9th – 11th August 1971. Those involved in the shooting spree included members of the Parachute Regiment that would later be responsible for Bloody Sunday in Derry.

Tomorrow the families of those killed will gather to hear the findings of an inquest into the killings of their loved ones.

Those killed included a parish priest, Fr Hugh Mullan, shot while waving a white cloth as he went to aid of a wounded man, and Joan Connolly, a mother of eight shot when she tried to help fatally injured Noel Philips.

An 11th victim, Pat McCarthy, died of a heart attack and is not the subject of the inquest into the deaths whose findings will be announced on Tuesday.

Tomorrow is also the day when the British Government has said they will unveil their plans to prevent the prosecution of their military for their actions during the conflict in Ireland.

We stand in solidarity with the families of Ballymurphy. The truth will be heard.

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