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Bipartisan Congressional Letter Sent to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Regarding Legacy Legislation

Updated: Jan 23

Representative Brendan Boyle and a bipartisan group of Representatives today sent a letter to British Prime Minster Rishi Sunak, expressing, "grave concern" about the British Government's "decision to continue advancing the Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill which denies justice, suppresses the will of the people of Northern Ireland, and conceals the truth of the past."

Twenty seven Representatives signed the letter which continued, "As Members of Congress

who understand and respect the pivotal role that the United States played in coming to this

Agreement, we feel compelled to write you to voice our strong concern and disappointment

with the continued momentum this piece of dangerous legislation maintains.

We believe this legislation would deny justice to thousands of families, across all

communities in Northern Ireland, who were impacted by violence during the Troubles. We

have conducted significant research into the matter, and we have listened to victims, victims’

relatives, human rights groups, political representatives in Ireland and Northern Ireland, and

legal experts. The vast majority of these groups believe that implementing a statute of

limitations on criminal cases, Ombudsman reports, inquests, and civil actions, alongside

legacy mechanisms without investigations by a Historical Investigations Unit, will prevent all

genuine paths to justice – justice which is still being achieved."

The letter addresses cases that have been considered as recently as November 2022, and adds that "as long as outstanding evidence and potential criminal liability remains, avenues to justice must remain open."

View the complete letter and signatures below:

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