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Bipartisan Support for Full Implementation of Good Friday Agreement - New Resolution Filed

Support for the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement once again bridged the partisan gap in the United States House of Representatives when The Friends of Ireland Caucus yesterday submitted House Resolution 33, "Calling for the full implementation of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and expressing hope for the continued success of the Northern Ireland peace process on the 25th anniversary of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement."

Representative Bill Keating of Massachusetts introduced the legislation, saying, "The Belfast/Good Friday Agreement represents the cornerstone of peace in Northern Ireland and remains the bedrock on which today's government institutions and cross-community initiatives lay. I strongly believe in its success as well as its full implementation, including accountability and justice for the victims of violence, and I look forward to upcoming celebrations surrounding the 25th anniversary of its signing."

The Resolution was co-cosponsored by a bipartisan group of Representatives, including Brendan Boyle,Derek Kilmer, Brian Fitzpatrick, Mike Kelly, Joe Wilson, and David Rouzer.

Philadelphia Congressman Brendan Boyle said, "Let me again make clear for the slow learners: the US will never accept an infringement upon the Good Friday Agreement. There will never again be a hard border in Ireland."

Congressman Fitzpatrick added that the Good Friday Agreement"provides a holistic approach for peace."

"Now more than ever before, the United States has a responsibility to support the resolution of outstanding multilateral trade issues, the ongoing reconciliation process for victims of violence and their families, and the return to government in Northern Ireland," he said.

"As we approach this 25th anniversary, I look forward to engaging with our allies and partners in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the European Union on how together, we can safeguard the peace for generations to come."

Read the full Resolution, and find contact information for your Representative here.

If you do not see your Representative listed as a sponsor, use the link below to find your representative, and give them your feedback and encourage them to add their name to the cosponsors list and join the Friends of Ireland Caucus.

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