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BREAKING NEWS: Eight Police Agents Involved in 27 Murders and Attempted Murders

The Police Ombudsman in North of Ireland has issued a report that found the Police recruited known killers as agents, armed the gangs, and covered their actions.

This comes as the US House of Representatives is to debate Resolution 888, tabled by Rep. Keating and Rep. Fitzpatrick, opposing a planned cover-up by the British Government and calling for the vindication of the right to the truth and justice for all those bereaved in the North of Ireland,

Tonight's report comes on the back of previous reports into other killings and mass shootings, it is clear that collusion between the police, military and loyalists was the systemic outworking of British Government policy during the conflict in Ireland.

The killer loyalist gang in South Belfast was responsible for the mass murder of 5 in a Bookmarkers on the Ormeau 30 years ago this week and 6 other killings.

The report found that the gang was knowingly armed with semi-automatic weapons imported by a British Agent from Apartheid-era South Africa.

A handgun used in the Bookermakers attack and one other murder had been given to the police agent by the British Army at the request of his police handler. The gun was passed onto another agent and handed back to the police. The police then returned the gun to the gang which was subsequently used in the killing of six people.

In a statement jointly released tonight by the victim's group, Relatives for Justice, and the attorney representing the families of some of those killed and injured said the families,

were tonight beginning to come to terms with the Police Ombudsman findings that their loved ones were killed as a result of collusive actions between the British state and paramilitaries in the UDA/UFF. The Police Ombudsman has upheld their multiple complaints of collusion in each and every case.

Mark Sykes as a survivor of the Bookermarkers shooting said,

families are shocked to read in the report that eight British state agents were involved in 27 murders and attempted murders. These agents were clearly identified as being involved in multiple murders at the earliest stages of police murder investigations. “

“They were clearly a protected species as information about their involvement in killings was not shared with investigating officers and information regarding their involvement was routinely destroyed.”

Siobhán Clinton, whose mother Theresa Clinton was shot dead in their family home said,

it is clear in reading this report that there were systemic and deliberate practices of collusion in the killing of my mother. There were multiple threats to my father and our family home which were not passed on to my father. My mother was murdered with an RUC weapon, a weapon used in other murders.“

The RUC officers who were involved in “investigating” my mother’s murder refused to cooperate with the Police Ombudsman. The Police Ombudsman said a senior RUC officer decided not to warn my father and that had he been warned she finds that my mother’s murder could have been prevented.”

The ombudsman report details the collusion arising from:

· Routine destruction of evidence and documentation

· Routine failures to share intelligence with investigating teams.

· Routine failures in murder investigations by CID

· Failures to investigate the known persons involved in importing and distributing weaponry from South Africa.

· Knowlagents

· Targeting and recruiting of known killers to become agents including 8 linked to murders and attempted murders of 27 people.

· Failure to pass on threats to the life

· Failure to test alibis and conduct forensic tests

· Reading out eye witness names’ and addresses’ in front of suspects, and ID parades with no screen between eyewitnesses and known suspects

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