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BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: British Government Forced to Backdown in Election Row

Yesterday we reported on the British Government’s plan to amend electoral laws to allow for politicians to sit in two separated legislatures. This move would have greatly benefited the Democratic Unionist Party.

Under these proposals, the DUP leader, Jeffery Donaldson, could have stood in the upcoming election for the local Assembly while retaining his MP position in London. If elected he would have held seats in two different parliaments and avoided a byelection. If he failed in the local Assembly election, he would still retain his Westminster position in London. He was given a guaranteed bet.

Last night all of the other party leaders wrote to the British Prime minister rejecting the plan. A similar call had been made by the parties in Westminster including from within the Government.

With no support, except the DUP and facing a challenge in the North of Ireland and in Westminster, the British Government had no option but to drop the plans as confirmed by Boris Johnson this morning.

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