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Brehon Law Society of NY calls on Irish government to prepare response to Legacy legislation

The president of Brehon Law Society of New York, Domhnall O’Cathain, released a statement yesterday calling on the Irish government to begin making plans to support an interstate action at the European Court of Human Rights in response to the British government's continued advancement of Legacy legislation making its way through the House of Lords.

He said, "This morning, members of the Brehon Law Society of New York met with Lord Jonathan Caine regarding the legislation that is currently making its way through the British parliament that will provide amnesty for people who committed atrocities during the Troubles.

"Lord Caine is Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Northern Ireland office and is largely responsible for steering the proposed legislation through the House of Lords, Britain’s second chamber of parliament.

"Unfortunately, it is clear to the Brehons that this British government is going to push the Bill through parliament, and that it will become law sometime this year.

"The Bill is opposed by all political parties in Ireland and by the Labour party, which is the main opposition party in Britain. We know that the Bill is supported by a small clique of former British soldiers who wish to end prosecutions against them for crimes they committed during the Troubles on behalf of the British state. We suspect that the Bill is more vehemently supported by the British establishment that wants to whitewash its involvement in the Troubles. And, as it is currently proposed, is what the legislation will do.

"We join in the calls to the Irish government that it consider moving for an interstate application to the European Court of Human Rights when the time is ripe to do so in order that this Bill does not remain long on the statute books in London."

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