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Brexit Uncertainty Continues

Brexit has been a disaster for Britain. The past year has seen a massive fall in trade, increased costs for British businesses, and shortages of stock and essential labor. Facts denied by the British Government that promoted Brexit.

The North of Ireland has been protected from the worst of this due to a deal that allows it to continue to trade as part of the EU. The so-called Irish Protocol agreed between the British Government and the EU prevents the need for a hard border between Ireland North and South.

The Irish Protocol has been welcomed by Congress and by President Biden. However, the British Government has consistently refused to fully honor and implement the agreement.

Earlier this year the EU began legal action to force the British Government to honor the agreement in full. They then stalled the legal process to allow for a negotiated solution to be found.

The agreement provides for a transitionary period to allow the necessary checks and regulations to be put in place. These are called grace periods. Yesterday the British Government, unilaterally extended these grace periods which were due to end on September 30. While this avoids a cliff edge in the process it is not a solution.

The EU responded to the provocation by retaining the right to pursue legal action while also committing to finding a resolution to secure the implementation of the agreement.

This standstill does not resolve the issue only continues the uncertainty for businesses.

Speaking after the statements Sinn Féin Chairman Declan Kearney said,

Business and society require certainty, a permanent operating regime, rather than open-ended standstill periods which amount to more foot-dragging.

“It is in our economic interests to get to a point of conclusive certainty within the framework of the protocol as soon as possible, which enables our key sectors to plan long-term and accrue the benefits of new trading realities free from continued uncertainty and disruption”

Britain needs to engage, resolve the implementation issues within the framework of their agreement and stop using the North of Ireland as a weapon in their ongoing phony war with the EU.

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