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Brit Govt Coverup Condemned By Own MP’S

British Soldiers in the North, August 1969

During the conflict in Ireland, successive British Governments stood over the harassment, torture, maiming and killing of citizens. The coverup of their actions continue on today. Thankfully, the conflict is over and there is now a peaceful and democratic pathway to Irish Unity. But peace is not only the absence of conflict. It must be much more. It involves acknowledgment, reconciliation, and healing.

In December 2014 all parties and both governments agreed a process to support all victims equally, to commit to truth recovery and reconciliations. Since signing this agreement the British Government has done everything to frustrate its implementation. In January of this year it again agreed to legislate for the Stormont House Agreement but by March they sought to trash it and introduce an effective amnesty for its military.

This brought swift opposition from victims’ campaigners, Sinn Féin, the SDLP, Alliance, Irish Government and the Catholics Bishops. Now a committee at Westminster, including members of the government party has condemned their own government.

The Conservative chairman of the committee, Simon Hoare, said:

"We are calling on the government to urgently introduce legislation based on the core principles of the Stormont House Agreement and return to a collaborative approach, engaging with victims' groups, parties and where necessary the Irish government."

Even Tory party MP’s have called out their own Government!

Sinn Féin MLA Michelle O’Neill the joint First Minister said , “British Government proposals to shut legacy cases without proper investigation are unacceptable. These proposals are an insult to victims’ families, many of whom have campaigned for decades. The British Government must end its policy of cover-up & implement the Stormont House Agreement”

While this British can ignore it’s own back benchers it cannot ignore the voice of the USA. 'A deal agreed must be a deal honored' should be call from the USA and Irish America! 

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