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Britain Breaks with Agreement and International Law

Last week Boris Johnson narrowly won a vote of confidence from his own party

This week he is shoring up support from the extreme Brexit wing of his party by breaking international law and his own Agreement with the EU.

Today Boris Johnson introduced legislation to override the hard-won Irish Protocol which protects the Good Friday Agreement and prevents a hard border on the island of Ireland.

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a Chara,

Two things have weighed heavy on my mind this week. I’m planning some renovation work at the same time the British Government is threatening to break international law on Brexit and deepen the political crisis in the North.

On the house front, I am drawing up plans for work that needs to be done and negotiating with a contractor. I hope to sign a contract shortly.

This got me thinking about what Boris Johnson and his British Government are up to on Brexit and the Irish Protocol. Basically, their negotiations were done, the plan agreed upon, and the price set. The work is essential to avoid a hard border across Ireland.

Boris Johnson is way behind in the work. The EU has been patient and is open to amending the plan due to unforeseen circumstances.

The British are now demanding that the price be altered, and the plan scrapped. Threatening that all the work will not be done, the work they are refusing to do will leave structural damage. Boris says he is open to dialogue, but if the EU doesn’t agree to his demands, he will do as he pleases. The EU has the contract in their back pocket knowing this could end up in court.

That is what is at play this week. The British Government agreed to the Protocol and immediately fell behind in its implementation. They are now set on introducing legislation that they believe will give them the power to unilaterally change the agreement at any time. This is of course highly illegal and a breach of international law.

This dispute is not without a cost. The business that has adjusted to the Protocol will now face years of uncertainty at a time of economic crisis. The actions of the British Government undermine our agreements, the rule of law, and the primacy of politics.

In a further turn of events, Boris Johnson faced a vote of confidence this week from his own party MP’s. The result was that 41% of his own party colleagues voted 'no confidence in his leadership. I am now in the rare position of agreeing with 2 in 5 Tory MP’s. I am on the lookout for a reputable contractor, and I will not be calling Boris the Builder any time soon.

And all of this to protect his own position.


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