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British Chief Brexit Negotiator Resigns. A Change in Director or More Disfunction

David Frost Looking Over the Shoulder of Boris Johnson

In a surprise turn of events, late on Saturday night, David Frost the British Government chief Brexit negotiator resigned from his government position.

David Frost was unelected and had been appointed a Lord. Since taking up the government position be had consistently threatened to suspend the Irish Protocol, and sought to rewrite the agreement that he negotiated. A position rejected by the EU.

In his role as a chief negotiator, he dismissed the views of the majority of the people of the north who opposed Brexit and supported the Irish Protocol.

In his resignation letter, he made clear that he favored the hardest possible Brexit and true to form ignored the impact of this policy on Ireland.

Deputy Vice President of Sinn Féin and joint leader of the government in the North of Ireland Michelle O’Neill said.

“David Frost negotiated Brexit of which a majority here rejected. He has undermined the Protocol since, which limits the damage of Brexit on our people and economy.

We now need momentum in the talks to make it work better. The North will not be collateral damage in the Tory chaos.”

Negotiations between Britain and the EU on the way forward for the North of Ireland are to resume in the new year.

It remains to be seen if the resignation of David Frost is an acceptance that the Irish Protocol will remain or just a further indication of the disfunction of the London Government.

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