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British Cover-Up Continues

“ending the cycle of investigations” – Boris Johnson.

That was the response of the British Prime Minister on the day, a court in Belfast found that the British army had shot dead, without any justification, ten innocent people. Ten people mowed down. over three days in 1971, when the Paratroop Regiment besieged the community of Ballymurphy in Belfast.

On the same day, the court made its finding, the British Government unveiled its legislative program for the coming term. The British government stressed that the current arrangements for dealing with the legacy of the past conflict, were not working and they would progress new arrangements in consultation with parties and victims groups.

But, and there is always a but, the true intent is hidden in the small print. In the briefing document to the legislative program, Boris Johnston makes clear what he intends to do.

“We will introduce legislation to address the legacy of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, ensuring that our proposals deliver better outcomes for victims, survivors, and veterans, while ending the cycle of investigations

Yes, the current arrangements are not working, mostly due to the refusal of the British Government to come clean on their actions. Facing continued government cover-up, families such as Ballymurphy and the Finucane’s are forced into court.

All parties and both governments acknowledge that the current arrangements are not working. That is why in December 2014 a new approach was agreed upon and became known as the Stormont House Agreement.

That agreement was to be a new approach to support victims and advance truth, justice, and reconciliation. The British Government now wants to unilaterally bin that agreement to protect their military from the investigation.

The Stormont House Agreement was welcome by American political leaders. It was welcomed by Irish America. It now needs to be implemented.

What is needed is not an end, “to the cycle of investigations”.

What is required is an end to the cover-up!!

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