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British Gov Presses On With Proposal To End Criminal Investigations, Inquests, & Civil Actions

Today the British Government pressed ahead with proposals to end criminal investigations, inquests, and civil actions by the victims of conflict.

The proposals have been rejected by victim groups, all political parties, and the Irish Government. The Human Rights Commission has called the proposals "fatally flawed"

In a report just launched, Senior Human Rights Academics have called them "unworkable" and a breach of the Good Friday Agreement.

The proposals run contrary to Resolution 888 as passed unanimously by the United States C Congress.

In speaking to the proposal, Secretary of State Brandon Lewis made clear that the focus was on protecting the British Military and their agents saying that former soldiers will not live in fear of, “a knock on the door” from police investigating criminality, murder, and arming of loyalist paramilitaries.

Gerry Kelly of Sinn Féin said, “Brandon Lewis and the Tories are ignoring the voices of victims right across the community, their families, political parties, the Irish government, and human rights organizations who totally oppose these proposals.

“This is simply about protecting and giving an amnesty through the backdoor to British state forces, intelligence services, and agents who murdered Irish citizens during the conflict and riding roughshod over the needs of victims and families.”

Mark Thompson of Relatives for Justice said, “This Bill undermines fundamental human rights enshrined within the Good Friday Agreement and the very institutions that flow from the agreement.

“Boris Johnston and Brandon Lewis are usurping the powers of the North’s attorney general, the Lord Chief Justice and judiciary in an unprecedented political overreach by a western government into the criminal justice system.

“They are locking down the courts and administration of justice.”

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