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British Government Acting to Coverup The Actions Of Their Military

John Finucane MP

North Belfast Sinn Fein MP John Finucane met with the leadership of North American Irish organizations for an update on issues of legacy, justice, accountability, and the British Government’s pattern of breaking promises and reneging on international agreements.

Amid a rapidly evolving situation, the group which included the heads of LAOH, AOH, Irish American Unity Conference, James Connolly Labor Coalition, and Friends of Sinn Féin reviewed a timeline of agreements that were negotiated between the Irish and British governments. Beginning with the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 through 2020’s New Decade, New Approach, Mr. Finucane cataloged the consistency with which the British Government has repeatedly defaulted on its commitments to justice, truth, and reconciliation.

Mr. Finucane said, “Brandon Lewis and the British government are acting in bad faith. They have not brought forward legislation which they guaranteed to do in the New Decade, New Approach agreement.”

“The issue of reconciliation needs to be resolved based on truth and acknowledgment of the fundamental rights guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and agreed in the Good Friday Agreement and the Stormont House Agreement. The British government is behaving unilaterally and brazenly in the face of opposition from parties to the agreement, as well as in the face of growing political pressure from the United States.”

The group discussed United States Senate Resolution 117 which reiterated the United States Senate's support for the “Good Friday Agreement...and subsequent agreements and arrangements for implementation to support peace on the island of Ireland... including the Stormont House Agreement... as well as the ‘Northern Ireland Protocol’”. The Senate resolution which passed the full Senate on May 17th also “calls for...action to resolve the injustices of past violence, including state and non-state

sponsored violence.”

The group of Irish American leaders agreed that the timeline of broken promises by the British Government is unconscionable and strengthens the need for unequivocal support from America for truth, reconciliation, and justice.

This is a developing story, and future meetings, updates, and planning sessions are set to ensure continued progress and support.

We will continue to keep supporters up to date as the story develops today.

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