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British Government Continues to Threaten Brexit Deal

Last night a State Department spokesperson reiterated President Biden's call that the British Government abide by their Brexit deal with the European Union and not act unilaterally.

Today the British Government threatened to breach their deal which was agreed between London and Brussels in December 2020.

Currently, there is a grace period for the implementation of the agreement to allow for new procedures to be put in place.

The British Government is now ignoring the calls from Congress and the President and threatening to unilaterally break the agreement and international law if it does not get its way.

Sinn Féin MLA and National Chairperson Declan Kearney said,

"The British government has agreed and ratified all elements of the Protocol with the

European Commission. It should now stop the evasion and get on with its implementation.

Declan added, “The current grace periods end in ten weeks. Business needs certainty and stability. not further prevarication and threats of unilateral action by the British government.

“The next ten weeks must be used to resolve any challenges through the agreed mechanisms. The British Government has options available which will substantially reduce Irish Sea border checks through a veterinary agreement with the European Union”

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