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British Government Cover Up Continues - John Finucane Briefs Irish America Leaders

The British Government has told the media that they will unveil their controversial and unsupported proposals to issue an effective amnesty for all actions carried out during the conflict in the North of Ireland.

The approach runs contrary to the Stormont House Agreement that was signed up to by the British and Irish Governments and five main parties in the Northern Assembly.

Today John Finucane MP briefed the leaders of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Irish American Unity Conference, James Connolly Labor Coalition, and Friends of Sinn Féin USA and Canada.

John said,

“The approach by the British government to addressing the past has been one of making and breaking agreements. It has been about concealing information and frustrating families in their quest for Truth. Families have had to use the legal process to hold the British Government to account.

The proposals by the British are not about resolving the past or any genuine concern for reconciliation, they are about continuing the coverup. It is about ending legal investigations.

All parties and the Irish Government are opposed to this approach. Earlier the year the US Senate unanimously call for the British Government to honor the Stormont House Agreement.

The British government should listen to the voices of the people, listen to the needs of victims, and honor their agreements.

The US community and political leaders have a role to play to ensure families have truth and justice ”

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