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British Government Proposals, “an affront to the Good Friday Agreement” – AOH President

At the Ormeau memorial are Jim Clinton, David Kennedy, Patrick Magee, and AOH national president Danny O'Connell, Mark Sykes, Billy McManus, Tom Duffin, and Mark Thompson.

On February 5th, 1992, unionist paramilitaries burst into a Bookmakers Shop on the Ormeau Road in Belfast. Firing indiscriminately they killed 5 and injured 9 customers.

The guns used by the killers had been supplied by British agents and the then police force, the RUC.

It is believed that British agents were involved in the planning, shooting, and covering up of the attack. No one was ever convicted of the attack despite eyewitness accounts and forensic evidence.

The families have steadfastly campaigned for truth and justice. The case has been investigated by the current Police Ombudsman and a report has been prepared. The police have stalled the publication of the report.

This year the British Government brought forward proposals to end all investigations into past actions.

Danny O’Connell, President of the AOH met with those campaigning for truth and justice for the Ormeau Road families.

After the meeting, Danny O'Connell told the Irish News

"It's one more time that the British government is taking up international treaties and ripping them up because it's not convenient for them,".

"It concerns everybody in America. I can't understand how we could deal with a government, moving forward, that refuses to provide justice that they agreed to these families.

"This is an international treaty that the United States had a strong influence over... For the British government to rip it up is an atrocity. It's an affront."

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