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British Minister Meets Illegal Paramilitary Groups

A British Minister met with representatives of illegal loyalist paramilitaries to discuss Brexit!!! The UVF and UDA are responsible for hundreds of sectarian killings and attacks. Many of these actions were carried out in collusion with the British Military.

They now operate under the banned of the Loyalist Community Council.

While currently on ceasefire, these illegal groups continue to operate and oppose the Good Friday Peace accord.

Sinn Féin MP for North Belfast John Finucane, who’s father was murdered by the UDA and British Military, said: “Reports that that British government’s Brexit minister, Lord Frost, met with the Loyalist Communities Council are very concerning. “This is a body which represents armed loyalist criminal gangs and it has been reported that they were at the meeting. “Such armed gangs are involved in murder, extortion and drug dealing and were behind the recent disturbances which saw police officers injured, property damaged and people terrified in their own homes. “Armed gangs have no place in our society, and certainly not in meetings on Brexit with British government ministers. “For years the British state directed loyalist death squads. The British government now needs to clarify its position and whether it retains a cosy relationship with illegal armed criminal gangs.”

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