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CALL TO ACTION: Support the House Resolution for Truth and Justice in Ireland.

Please share this post, contact your members of Congress and ask them to sign on to Rep. Keating/Rep Fitzpatrick resolution

To mark the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday when 14 Civil Rights Protesters were killed by the British Army, Rep. Keating (D-MA) and Rep. Fitzpatrick (R-PA) jointly introduced a resolution in the House.

This is an extremely important resolution to protect the cause of truth and justice in Ireland.

The resolution remembers those killed and injured, recognizes the long battles their families faced to get to the truth, and resolves to:

8) Opposes any attempt by the British government to implement amnesty or statute of limitation laws that would end or inhibit investigations and prosecutions of crimes committed during the Troubles, including on Bloody Sunday;”

The British Government has stated their intention to bring forward legislation to end all judicial investigations into their past actions, ban families from pursuing legal action against the state and impose an unconditional amnesty.

These proposals have been rejected by Sinn Féin and all parties in Ireland including the Irish Government, by victims organizations and the churches. They are contrary to the Good Friday Agreement and Stormont House Agreements.

More and more investigations uncover the actions and killings by the British military and their collusion with loyalist paramilitaries. They now plan to end investigations and close down prosecutions. This is a denial of truth and justice and a continuation of the cover up

Read the Resolution in full below:

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