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Collusion Was Not a Failure of Policing. It Was The Policy - John Finucane MP

The Police Ombudsman in the North of Ireland has released a report detailing how the police in South Belfast colluded with a loyalist gang in murders and a mass shooting that left 5 dead in a bookmakers shop on the Ormeau Road Belfast.

The Police recruited, armed, paid, and protected 8 agents that were responsible for 27 murders and attempted murders.

This was not a few corrupt cops. It was a policy that led to mass murders in Greysteel, Loughlinisland, Castlerock, and the Ormeau Road.

John Finucane Sinn Féin MP and son of murdered Human Rights Attorney Pat Finucane looks at the findings of the report and British Governments attempt to cover up their past actions.

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