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Congress Leaders Reject British Government Cover-Up Proposals.

Thirty-six members of Congress signed a letter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson opposing his proposals to continue to cover up the actions of their military during the conflict in Ireland.

The letter from Rep. Brendan Boyle and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick was cosigned by Congressional leaders including the Rep. Richard Neal Chair of the Ways and Means Committee and Rep. Gregory Meeks Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

For 50 years the British Government covered up the actions of their soldiers, frustrating investigations, withholding information, and erecting legal barriers to the truth.

Those bereaved have fought legal battles to expose the actions of the British Military in some cases for over 50 years. The British Government now proposes to close all legal investigations and for a cover-up to continue.

The British Government’s proposals also include a self-serving amnesty for all including the actions of their military during the conflict.

The Letter is clear, the Congress members "strongly disapprove of these proposals" and call for the British Government to return to the previous agreement known as the Stormont House Agreement”

The Stormont House Agreement of 2014 set out a process to acknowledge and resolve the past.

It was negotiated, agreed upon, and signed by the British and Irish governments, and must be fully respected and implemented.

Welcoming this initiative from Congress, Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald said,

“The US Congress has always acted to safeguard our agreements and promote the cause of peace and reconciliation in Ireland.

“I welcome this letter today that rejects the British Government's unilateral proposals to end all investigations and grant a universal amnesty.

“Their proposals run contrary to the Stormont House Agreement and undermine the human rights commitments of the Good Friday Agreement.

“Boris Johnson should listen to Congress, victims groups, the churches, all political parties, and the Irish Government and take these proposals off the table.

“The Stormont House Agreement has widespread support - it should be fully honored and implemented.

“I thank the members of Congress for their continued support of our agreements.”

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