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Decision Due on Finucane Inquiry

Human Rights Attorney Pat Finucane

In August, 2001 at the Weston Park talks the British government agreed to appoint a judge to make recommendations on the need for public inquiries into several conflict-related deaths and required that ‘the relevant Government will implement that recommendation.’

On April 1st, 2004 Judge Peter Cory recommended a public inquiry into the killing of Patrick Finucane. “The documents and statements I have referred to in this review have a cumulative effect. Considered together, they indicate to me that there is strong evidence that collusive acts were committed by the Army, the RUC Special Branch and the Security Service.”

For three decades the Finucane family has fought a formidable campaign seeking a full public inquiry. Despite incontrovertible evidence that "agents of the state" were directly involved in authorizing and planning the killing the Finucane have been delayed and blocked. Even former British PM David Cameron acknowledged there had been "shocking levels of collusion" in the killing.

Despite this and committing to a public inquiry the British government has stalled, frustrated, and refused.

Due to a further round of legal actions by the Finucane family, the British Secretary of State Brandon Lewis will soon make public a decision to either implement their agreement and call or public inquiry or continue the cover-up of collusion and murder.

The United States has stood with the Finucane Family since the killing of Pat. The US must again stand with them once more, for truth, justice and healing.

The position is simple: an agreement made must be an agreement honored.

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