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Developers to build a Mall and Offices Over a Historic Battlefield Site

As we remember July 4th and the war of independence, how would you react if a developer was permitted to build a mall and offices over the site of a historic battle?

That is what is being proposed in Dublin at one of the most significant sites of 1916 Rising. The area around Moore Street was the site of intense fighting and the last holdout of the rebel leaders escaping the GPO.

Developers now want to effectively level the site to build a mall and offices. Incredulously planners have given the go-ahead for this desecration of the last meeting place of the 1916 rebel leaders.

The development is opposed by relatives of the Leaders, local councillors and by Sinn Féin.

The Moore Street Preservation trust has issued the following statement.

For more information check out: (20+) Moore Street Preservation Trust | Facebook

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