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DUP refuses to elect a speaker to pass life saving law

First Minister (Designate), Michelle O'Neill recalled the Assembly today in order to pass Dáithí’s Organ Donation Law. Seeking to name a Speaker in order to complete the legislation that stands to save the lives of more than 100 people waiting for organ donations, the effort was stopped by the DUP's refusal to participate, which meant that a vote could not be taken.

O'Neill said"I want to acknowledge the presence of little Daithí Mac Gabhann and his parents, Máirtín and Seph here in the Chamber gallery today who look on as proceedings get underway. You are very welcome.

"Let me be clear, today is not a day for party politics.

"Today is about those of us who are legislators fulfilling our duty and delivering through on the Organ and Tissue Donation Act 2022 – Daithí’s Law.

"Over 130 people are currently waiting for an organ, 90% of people in the North support organ donation, and every party in this chamber supports this law.

"Mr Acting Speaker, there is little else to be said. The power is in the gift of each party and every MLA to save lives by legislating here today.

"Put simply, not to do so is a dereliction of duty, and it’s disheartening for those families involved.

"There is an onus on all of us here today to work together and to give hope to all those families who need us to get this done."

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