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"Executive formation cannot be held ransom by Tory infighting and chaos." O’Neill

Following the announcement of the resignation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of Britain, Sinn Féin First Minister Designate Michelle O’Neill said, "It has been an utter absurdity that the people here have been subjected to Boris Johnson for any length of time. He is a figure of absolute disrepute. Anyone who tries to sabotage our peace agreements, a quarter century of progress, and our shared future is truly no friend of ours."

In a previous statement, she said that the formation of an Executive and political stability in the north cannot be held hostage by ‘Tory infighting and chaos’ at Westminster.

Speaking after British Secretary of State Brandon Lewis became the latest Minister to resign from the British government, Michelle O’Neill said:

“Brandon Lewis abandoned any pretence of acting with the ‘rigorous impartiality’ required of him under the Good Friday Agreement.

“He has shamefully placated the DUP by giving them political cover in. denying the electorate the democratic representation they are entitled to.

“His actions are preventing Ministers from using Ł435 million to support workers and families struggling with the rising cost of living crisis, agreeing a three-year budget and putting an additional billion pounds towards fixing our health service.

Photo: Andy Thornley - Creative Commons

“He has failed victims and survivors by tearing up the Stormont House Agreement agreed by the two governments and political parties to deal with the past.

“He has undermined the Good Friday Agreement and political stability and his actions gave us a daily reminder why those with no mandate or votes here will only ever act in their own political interests, and not ours.

“The political stability of the North cannot be a hostage to the Tory-in fighting, Westminster chaos and continued DUP disruption."

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