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Family of Murdered Human Rights Attorney Pat Finucane Forced To Take the British Government to Court

Geraldine Finucane has brought the British government to court for remaining in breach of a legal obligation to fully investigate the murder of her husband Pat Finucane.

His family has campaigned ever since for a public inquiry to establish the full scale of security force collusion in one of the most notorious assassinations of the Troubles.

In 2019 the UK Supreme Court declared that previous investigations into the killing failed to meet standards required by Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Since then, the British Government has failed to honor their obligations to hold a public inquiry into the killing.

A judge hearing the case was also told that the British Government will provide a time frame next week for taking a new decision on whether to order a public inquiry. This is despite the British government previously agreeing to hold a public inquiry.

Last month a High Court judge ruled that the Government remains in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights by the ongoing delay in completing a probe that meets those legal requirements.

The judge said Mrs. Finucane found herself “in a sorry situation” as the British Government continues to ignore previous court judgments.

While the British government believes itself to be above the law, it is clear the Finucane family will continue to campaign to ensure all of the information on the killing of Pat Finucane is in the public domain.

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