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Finuncanes Sue Brits Again

Finucane Family Take British Government To Court - AGAIN

Human rights attorney Pat Finucane was murdered in front of his family in 1989

Human Rights lawyer Pat Finucane was killed by agents of the British State. However the extent of the collusion and coverup by the British Government has yet to be fully investigated. The British Government had committed to a full public inquiry into the killing and have refused to honor that commitment.

Today the family of the killed human rights lawyer have again had to take the British Government to court to honor their promise.

Speaking before going into the court, Sinn Féin MP John Finucane has called on the British Government to live up to its commitment to hold a public inquiry into the murder of his father, human rights lawyer Pat Finucane.

The Finucane family has refused to be ignored by the British Government

Speaking ahead of a High Court challenge to ongoing British Government delays, the North Belfast MP said:

“Today at the High Court we are challenging the British Secretary of State over the government’s continued delays and attempts to prevent the truth emerging about my father’s murder.

"It is now over 20 months since my family’s Supreme Court victory and we are forced to go to court yet again to force a response from the British government.

“The Supreme Court judgment rejected all previous investigations into my father’s murder and demanded a new approach.

“The continued stalling must end and the British government need to fulfil the promise they made many years ago, which is have a full and independent public inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane.” As of Today at 6:00 PM Irish Time the case has gone into recess and will resume again Monday morning.

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