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GAME ON FOR IRISH UNITY BUT IRISH GOVERNMENT REFUSE TO TAKE THE FIELD. A new and united Ireland is possible. A major new poll has cast doubts on the future of the partition and highlights the potential of Irish Unity.

The poll by LucidTalk for the BBC found that in the North of Ireland 43% would vote for Unity in a border poll and 49% opposed in an immediate poll. In the under 45 age group, the figures are reversed with 50% in favor of Unity and 43% opposed. In the South, 27% were opposed to Unity in an immediate vote. No one is calling for an immediate poll but for a date to set which would provide time for an inclusive and respectful debate. There is plenty of time to close the gap with preparation and planning.

In response to another question, 48% of people in Northern Ireland said they believed partition was a negative development that should be regretted with 41% disagreeing.

These figures show the potential of Irish Unity yet Micheal Martin and the Irish government refuses to plan or promote Irish Unity. Imagine what would happen if we had an Irish Government that campaigned for unity.

Following the publication of the poll Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald said.

“The Irish government can no longer bury their heads in the sand. Failing to plan for constitutional change at this critical juncture represents a dereliction of duty.

The Taoiseach's continued refusal to accept this reality is reckless.

The responsible and necessary approach is to now engage in discussions and dialogue and to plan for change.

Immediate steps that should be taken include the commissioning of a government White Paper on Irish Unity, the establishment of an Oireachtas Committee on Irish Unity, the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, and the convening of a Citizens’ Assembly on Irish reunification.

Unity represents an opportunity to bring all of our people together to build a new Ireland. We believe that can happen within the next five years. Preparation for unity is urgent and must begin now”.

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