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“Game On” to resolve the current Brexit impasse

The British Prime minister Rishi Sunak, jetted into Belfast to meet with party leaders as speculation mounts that a deal on Brexit is on the cards.

Mr. Sunak is due to meet with European leaders over the weekend for a defense conference in Munich. Vice President Kamala Harris is also due to attend the conference.

Until now the British Government had refused to honor its Brexit Agreement, called the Irish Protocol, since it was signed in Jan 2020.

The largest Unionist party, the DUP, which opposed this deal, has collapsed and refused to re-establish the government in the North of Ireland.

The British Prime Minister met with the Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald (TD) and First Minister (elect) Michelle O'Neill this morning.

Speaking after the meeting Mary Lou McDonald said it was her understanding that "very significant progress has been made" and it was "game on".

"I believe that a deal is absolutely possible and absolutely necessary and I hope that we see a speedy successful conclusion to matters," she told reporters.

The onus is on the British Government to reach a deal that prevents a hard border across the island of Ireland and protects the Good Friday Agreement and for the DUP to respect the democratic outcome of last year's election and allow government formation.

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