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Good Friday Agreement 25 conference brings world leaders together

Queen's University Belfast is the site of a three day conference celebrating the twenty fifth anniversary of the signing of The Good Friday Agreement.

Featuring such global leaders as former President Bill Clinton, former Senator George Mitchell, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, and former taoiseach Bertie Ahern, the conference provides an opportunity to reflect on the process as well as a chance to look ahead.

Speaking from the event, First Minister elect, Michelle O’Neill said, “I’m delighted to be at the start of the Queen's University Belfast ‘Good Friday Agreement 25’ conference, opened by Hillary Clinton and George Mitchell.

The Good Friday Agreement was made possible by the efforts of all sides, but also the patient, mature and tenacious stewardship of Senator George Mitchell, to whom we’re all so grateful.”

She took the moment to spend time with many college students at the event, and added, “Delighted to meet with some of the fantastic young people at the conference. This is what the Good Friday Agreement is about, ensuring that all our young people have access to the very best opportunities to prosper and flourish in life.”

Former Sinn Féin President, Gerry Adams added, “I am delighted to meet George Mitchell and Heather Mitchell at Good Friday Agreement 25 organised by Queen’s University. An opportunity to meet many old friends.”

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