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Good Poll For Unity

New Poll Shows the Potential for Irish Unity

This week the Belfast Telegraph published a curious poll. The poll was conducted by LucidTalk and looked at specifically how attitudes on healthcare would shape the voting intentions in a potential Unity Referendum. 

At the moment healthcare in the North is paid for out of general taxation and is mostly free at the point of delivery. In the South, it is a mix of public and private with costs of 50 Euros to see a doctor. While both systems perform similarly in terms of service, there is more spent per capita in the south on healthcare. Clearly there is room for improvement. All parties in Dublin have agreed on a policy of moving toward a healthcare system that is free at the point of delivery and paid for by tax revenue. Similar to a version of the NHS that currently operates in the North. 

So back to the poll and its findings. The poll found that 35% of people would support unity regardless of healthcare. The poll found that 34% opposed unity regardless of healthcare and 26% said that they would vote against unity if it meant losing the NHS. What is odd about the poll’s language is that no one is talking about ending the NHS model. Instead all the parties agree on building toward a similar model. That 26% that would oppose unity if it meant losing the NHS could move to the unity column and give a clear majority.

The difference becomes even more pronounced by age. 43% of 18-24 year olds would definitely support unity and 42% of 25-44 year olds would support unity. 

Meanwhile we have a health service in the North that is being starved of funds by a Tory party in London that supports privatization. It is quite clear, the best protection for the future of healthcare in Ireland is a united Ireland and not in a union with London.  

For Sinn Féin, a united Ireland is an opportunity to build a new Ireland. To build a prosperous economy and provide public services including a truly National Health Service. This poll, however oddly worded demonstrates that there is a solid base for unity that is growing in age. 

Now is the time to plan and promote Irish unity.

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