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History Repeating – Opposition to the Appointment of A Special Envoy

At this time of growing calls for the President to appoint a Special Envoy to the North of Ireland, British government papers just released, details the attempts to block a visa for Gerry Adams and the appointment of a Special Envoy 25 years ago.

The British tried to undermine the work of leading Irish Americans and co-opt others to their cause. Bill Clinton remained true to his word and did not yield to the British demands. He issued a visa to Gerry Adams and subsequently appointed Senator George Michell as an Envoy. This would eventually lead to peace talks and the Good Friday Agreement.

Irish America, members of Congress, the leaders of Sinn Féin, and the Irish Government have all joined the call for the appointment of a special envoy. In a surreal initiative the British Government, without the agreement of the parties in the north, appointed a special envoy to the US !!!.

We are sure that the same script from 25 years ago is played out today by those opposed to peace, progress, and the implementation of agreements.

Read more on Irish Central recently released state papers

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