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Truth, Justice and the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement The Only Way Forward.

Today the United States of House of Representatives passed Resolution 888, a resolution that supports the calls for truth and justice for the Bloody Sunday Families, rejects the British Government's proposals to end all judicial investigations into the past, and supports the full implementation of agreements including the Irish Protocol.

The Resolution was introduced by Rep. Keating and Rep. Fitzpatrick and co-signed by 46 members of Congress.

Support for the resolution was bipartisan and comes at the end of a week of engagements between the Sinn Féin President representatives of the Administration and Capitol Hill. It passed unanimously.

Speaking from Capitol Hill Ms. O’Neill said:

“Throughout the week the US Administration and senior political leaders on Capitol Hill have been absolutely unequivocal in their support for the Good Friday Agreement and the Protocol.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was very clear when she said if there is any hardening of the border, there will be no US trade deal with Britain.

“The US has invested almost a quarter of a century in the Agreement and understand that it is a cornerstone of the peace process and needs to be strongly defended. There will be no renegotiation of the Good Friday Agreement before or after the Assembly elections, regardless of the attempts of the DUP and English Tories to undermine it.

“Those committed to democracy need to commit to working together in the Assembly, Executive, North South Ministerial Council and East West structures and this needs to happen regardless of the outcome of the elections. Nothing less is acceptable.”

Read more on Resolution 888 Here

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