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Human Rights Commission Condemns British Government Proposals

Photo: Wikimedia Commons taken by Keith Ruffles

The British Government has introduced legislation that will continue their policy of coverup for crimes committed by their agents and their military during the conflict in Ireland.

This unilateral action by the government of Boris Johnson is opposed by victim groups, all political parties, and the Irish Government. The proposals run contrary to the unanimous position of Congress and undermine the Good Friday Agreement

Giving evidence today in Westminster, Alyson Kilpatrick, Northern Ireland Human Rights Commissioner, condemned the British Government's latest proposals as undermining the rule of law and breaching Human Rights.

Summing up the proposals the Chief Commissioner said, “Police will be prevented from investigating, the courts will be prevented from the ruling, prosecutions will be prevented … that is a very substantial interference with the rule of law and with everything the UK has signed up to,”

She added, “We have gone through this Bill in real detail, piece by piece and also as a whole to see whether there is anything redeeming in it that could be made compatible or could save this Bill from being found to be incompatible.

“It’s clearly in breach of the Human Rights Act.”

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