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Interview With the Legendary Belfast Republican Fra McCann Tonight Jan. 25th Tune in 7.00pm (EST).

The story of Fra McCann is the story of the Irish Republican struggle.

Coming of age in the local Falls area of Belfast as it was attacked by armed unionists and occupied by the British Army he became involved in the republican struggle.

Arrested and interned without trial at the age of 18, released and reinterned.

He took part in an escape that was to claim the life of his friend and comrade Hugh Coney.

Released and later caught he went on the Blanket and was held naked in solitary confinement for 17 months in Crumlin Road Jail before being transferred to Long Kesh.

On his release from jail in 1979, he volunteered to travel to the USA to build support for the prisoners. Secreted into the states by supporters and facing immediate arrest and deportation he traveled across the US building support for the prisoners during the first hunger strike.

By the end of the year, he was deported to Ireland. The cause of republican prisoners had been well served. And that is only the first half of this remarkable life.

Available to watch on Friends of Sinn Féin USA Facebook, YouTube, and Website

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