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Ireland's Future: Irish America's Role - AOH to host free webinar

Updated: Jan 19

Leading members of Ireland’s Future, the independent Irish advocacy group promoting a United Ireland under the terms set out in the Good Friday Agreement (GFA), will follow recent major conferences in Dublin and Belfast with a live webinar appeal to Irish America. Chairperson Senator Frances Black, together with Board Members Professor Colin Harvey and Andree Murphy will be among the speakers in the live webinar broadcast: IRELAND’S FUTURE- IRISH AMERICA’S ROLE, hosted by the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) on Sunday, January 22rd, at 1PM Eastern Time, 6PM Irish time.

The event will include an analysis of legacy justice issues as part of Constitutional change, and loyalist threats faced by Professor Harvey among other prominent advocates.

The Good Friday Agreement allows for the reunification of Ireland, based upon majority votes in separate referendums, held both in the North and South. Ireland’s Future believes that Ireland is ‘on a pathway towards referendums and that a United Ireland will be the outcome.’

Irish America played a key role in getting Ireland on the American Presidential agenda, and having President Clinton appoint a Special Envoy, Senator George Mitchell to play a leading role the negotiations that produced the GFA. Indeed Irish America has played a major role in advancing Irish national freedom for more than two centuries, and has a crucial role to play today.


Senator Frances Black, the Chairperson of Ireland’s Future, is both one of Ireland’s best known singers, and an Independent Irish Senator. She will give an outline of how Ireland’s Future is seeking to achieve a United Ireland, and how Irish Americans can help.

Professor Colin Harvey is a Professor in the School of Law at Queen’s University heading its Human Rights Centre. He has served as Head of the Law School and as a former Commissioner on the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission. He has been subject to ongoing loyalist threats and vilification for speaking out.

Andree Murphy, is a Human Rights campaigner with Relatives for Justice, a journalist and political commentator. She will give an analysis of how the issue of legacy justice can be achieved as part of the movement to a United Ireland.

Register for the free webinar on Zoom here.

Watch a free live stream of the webinar on YouTube here.

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