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Irish American Building for Unity

Sinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald met with a coalition of Irish American organizations on Friday to discuss the latest political developments and to plan for Irish Unity.

She reiterated how allies all over the globe have played an essential role in the cause of Irish unity, "nowhere more so than America."

Sinn Fein Representative to the United States Ciarán Quinn moderated the meeting of representatives from organizations responsible for the St. Patrick’s Day Irish Unity Adverts.

The meeting was a significant step in the continued strengthening of connections between Irish American organizations working together to secure a unity referendum as provided for in the Good Friday Agreement.

Mary Lou reiterated, "The path forward is rooted in the shelter and support of international law. It is past time for everyone involved to accept that change is coming. The time is now for the planning process to be given a home and for everyone involved to feel welcomed as we build a new and united Ireland."

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