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Muriel MacSwiney

One hundred years ago, Muriel MacSwiney was making her way home from the United States. MacSwiney, a leading proponent of the Irish Republican cause had spent a month in the US including giving evidence along with her sister-in-law Mary, before the commission on Ireland in Washington D.C.

Just over a year earlier her husband Terence MacSwiney, the former Sinn Féin Lord Mayor of Cork had died on hunger strike in Brixton Prison.

Muriel MacSwiney left America on January 2nd, travelling back onboard the U.S. Mail Steamship Company’s liner, Panhandle State.

Interviewed upon her arrival back home, Ms. MacSwiney, paid tribute to the American people for the welcome extended to her and she expressed confidence that they were going to continue to support Ireland in its current struggle.

100 years on America remains a steadfast supporter of peace and justice in Ireland. 100 hundred years on and we will be the generation to realize the vision of Muriel and Terence MacSwiney. Please share and remember them both.

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