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Irish Unity In Our Time

Today a coalition of seven leading Irish American organizations placed a half-page advert in the New York Times calling on the Irish Government to convene a Citizens Assembly to plan for Irish Unity.


The organizations are united in the belief that Irish Unity is in the best interests of the people of Ireland at home and abroad.

The Good Friday Agreement provides a peaceful and democratic pathway to Irish Unity. Irish unity is now possible, and we now have the opportunity to be the generation of Irish Americans that can return to a new and united Ireland.

If we are to realize this historic opportunity, we need an Irish Government to advocate, plan and prepare for unity.

This St. Patrick’s week join the call for the Irish Government to convene a citizen’s assembly and begin to plan for unity.

Together we can make a difference.

Further adverts will be appearing throughout the week. If you see them please share on social media using the tag #UnityInOurTime.

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