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"It's Wrong" Sinn Féin President Responds to British Government Amnesty Proposals

“It's Wrong”. As Sinn Féin President prepares to brief Congressional leaders she rejects British Government Proposals to offer an amnesty to their military and extend it to all.

The proposals go beyond an amnesty and are designed to end all police investigations, inquests, and civil actions. It is a continued cover-up.

These investigations have proved crucial in unveiling the truth about the Ballymurphy Massacre, raising questions as to the Omagh bombing and the extend of collusion between Loyalist paramilitaries and the British Military in cases that included last weeks revelations into the killing of 17-year-old Damien Walsh.

The US will be crucial in opposing the British Government's proposals that are contrary to the agreements, human rights, and reconciliation.

Please watch and share.

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