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John Finucane MP Briefs Irish American Leadership

Sinn Féin Representative to the United States Ciaran Quinn hosted a call with John Finucane MP and the leaderships of the AOH, LAOH, Irish American Unity Conference, James Connolly Labor Coalition, and Brehon Law Society. The purpose of the call was to provide an up-to-the-minute briefing on recent political developments as well as the latest information about the British Government’s plans to unilaterally end investigations and prosecutions of crimes committed during the Troubles.

Participants on the call heard about how the DUP’s refusal to join the Executive is stalling progress in the North as well as how the British Government’s accelerated push to halt and prevent all investigations is being decried by human rights groups, justice groups, all political parties in the North, and the Irish and American governments.

Mr. Finucane said, “Support from Irish America is essential. The most recent election made the will of the people clear - it is time to form the Executive. Irish America and the American government have been steadfast in their support for the Good Friday Agreement and all of its elements. The actions of the British government are opposed by the American government and the American people, and your continued engagement is vital.”

The British Government is pushing through their legislation to cover up their actions during the conflict with the minimum of scrutiny and against the wishes of victims, human rights activists, all political parties, and the Irish Government.

We look to Congressmembers to cast a light on the plans of the British Government and access their impact on the agreements, the rights of victims, and the unanimous position of Congress.

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