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John Finucane Updates Brehons

Pat Finucane was a human rights lawyer who was murdered in front of his family by British Agents over 30 years ago. Since then, his family have campaigned for the full truth to be known. The British Government agreed to hold a public inquiry into the killing 18 years ago, but have to this point failed to keep their word. The court has now ordered the British Government to make a decision on a Public Inquiry by the 30th of November.

Pat's son John is now the Sinn Féin MP for North Belfast. Yesterday John briefed the leadership of the AOH and LAOH on the latest developments in the case. Today he met with the Brehon Law society and others. This clip is from todays briefing.

Please show your support for the Finucane Family. Share this video with anyone who you believe would be interested and make it clear to political leaders, the Irish Government and the British Government that you support a full inquiry into the Pat Finucane case.

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